Wednesday, 12 June 2013

5 Great Golf Gifts for Men

Buying gifts is always a difficult task. But if you have a golf enthusiast amongst your friends or male family members, it could become all the more of an uphill task as golfers are known to be very specific about their golf instruments and gear. You can make the process easier by visiting some reputed online stores, which have a bouquet of golf gifts, and also offer the facility of shipping them directly to your recipients. 

Amidst the huge variety of golf gifts available at different wholesale gift shops, here are 5 great gifts that can make your recipient happy and cherish your gift for a long time to come:
  • Golf instruments: Depending on the level of expertise of your recipient, you can take your pick. For example, if your recipient’s golf swing is slow, you can buy golf balls that help the player experience less side spin, cover a greater distance, and enjoy an improved feel. You may even shop for clubs, putters, divers, and golf ball retrievers etc, though knowing exactly what your recipient needs would be important to ensure that you buy fitting gifts that are put into use. You may even consider buying divot tools, golf markers, shafts etc that would help your recipient take his game up by a few notches.

  • Golf accessories: Whether it’s a beginner or a pro, every golfer knows the importance of golf accessories, which are essential tools to complement and support their golf game. So, when it comes to buying golf gifts, you can think about unique gift baskets that pack a few golf accessories, which would surely please your recipient. You can take your pick from hats, gloves, spikes, rain covers, umbrellas, golf towels, push cart accessories, and GPS systems, among others, which would help the golf enthusiast enjoy the game, no matter what the weather is.

  • Golf attire: Playing golf doesn’t mean that the player has to sport the same old, boring tees and shirts over and over again. Rather, a thoughtful combination of clothes and shoes can help him step out in style and increase the glamour quotient on the greens. You can help your recipient stay trendy by gifting shirts and tees, as well as comfortable shoes that can add a dash of style to the way he plays the game of golf.

  • Gourmet delights: Playing golf on an empty stomach isn’t a good idea. So, you can gift gourmet delights that can be munched in between the golfing sessions to help the player concentrate on the game rather than being troubled by hunger pangs. You can pack a lot of goodies such as smoked almonds, chocolate raspberry bars, cheese sticks, English tea cookies, crackers, pretzel bites, chocolate truffle cookies, and tropical fruit mix, among others, in a keepsake tray, and get it packed as a unique gift basket with a personalized note. You may even include a pair of tees and golf balls to make your personalized gift basket a delight for the golf enthusiast.

  • Books and DVDs: There are a wide variety of golf books and DVDs available in the market, which can cater to any golf player. While novices and beginners could do well with training videos and books that help them learn a few basic moves, the pros can cherish the ones that show how popular players of the game handle its various aspects (say, DVDs of Tiger Woods’ matches). You may even select books and DVDs about yoga, Pilates, and other exercises that are aimed to help golfers steer clear of injuries and aches to enjoy the game to the fullest.
So, the next time you plan to buy golfing gifts, use these tips to get products that your recipients will find useful.

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