Wednesday, 25 October 2017

6 Best Gifts to Bring on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is all about loved ones and being grateful for your blessings. With so many parties lined up around this event, it is a good idea to breeze into every party by showing up with a nice gift for your host.


Even hosts that are the most obsessive-compulsive will not mind another sugary temptress joining the well-planned dinner menu. Some obvious choices are pumpkin pies, but it is likely that your bakery bought pie will be joining other homemade ones. So, how about being more creative? Bring a bottle of tequila or brandy and pumpkin ice cream. Another great option is visiting your bakery and buying the town’s specialty. Guests always enjoy indulging in new things.


A gift coupon from a retail coffee chain is so unoriginal. Instead, find out about a nice cafe and ask regarding people-pleasing coffees. Avoid going too light or too dark. Buy a good decaf. Tell the cafe to grind it in a nice, fresh bag. There is no point bringing whole beans to a house that does not have a grinder. One of the most over-looked details of Thanksgiving is premium coffee. If taking coffee alone seems incomplete then you can pair it with nice cookies and even a fancy thanksgiving mug.

Wine Charms:

Nothing is more embarrassing than Grandma Sharon screaming at you because you finished her glass of Merlot accidentally. Bring wine charms that are thanksgiving-themed and save everyone in the party some uncomfortable moments. There are so many to choose from online. Seasonal wine charms will make you feel and look festive, and every time the host takes out the charms they will think of you -- whether you’re at the party or not.

Holiday DVD:

No one really thinks of buying movies for their guests, so be the hero and show up with the perfect holiday DVD. ‘Home for the Holidays’ or ‘Son in Law’ may not be great movies in general, but they are Thanksgiving-themed and great for everyone to watch. In case there are no children, bring movies that are more classic. If you have children around, bring in movies such as a ‘Charlie Brown Thanksgiving’.


Make sure you do a little research to find out who likes what. Spend the most money on the host’s bottle, but surprise your uncle with his favorite wine or the sister with flavored vodka. If it is hard to find out what people drink, invest in a pack of pumpkin beer or holiday ale or fine bottles of white wine. This is a great way to start a conversation with everyone and get to know your family better.

Thanksgiving gift basket:

Holiday gift baskets make the best gift for hosts! There is so much that you can put inside these containers- from Chandon sparkling wine to chocolate truffles, chocolate salted caramel cookies, and Amaretti cookies! Your host will treasure it!

There is nothing more blissful than a room full of your loved ones. Make this year even more special for your host with these simple but lovely gift ideas! Happy Thanksgiving!

How to throw a memorable Halloween party?

Follow our tips to make sure your Halloween party goes off smoothly, and you will be the talk of the town until the holidays.

Choose a theme

One of the best ways to ensure that everyone wears a costume is by choosing a theme. You can either decide to take the Halloween road and keep a monster theme or you can get creative and ask your friends to perform a Mr. T impersonation. There are chances that many will arrive without a costume. If you wish to maximize the realism of your Halloween bash, keep extra accessories and costumes to hand out to the ones who are unmasked.

Choose a date:

It is never a good idea to throw a party on the Halloween night. This is especially important if it falls on a weekday, as you will risk having a very few people show up. Plan it preferably on a weekend, and try and talk as many invitees as possible before fixing a date.

Decorate according to your theme

In case you’re planning to go with a traditional spooky theme then make sure you dim the lights, use strobe lights and fog machines, and add skeletons and spider webs throughout the space for enhancing the eeriness of the atmosphere. Also, place tarot cards in many places so that your guests can have fun playing Halloween-inspired games.

If you wish to enhance the theme and mood of your party, play different theme-appropriate movies in the party space — keeping the volume low. These movies will help add to the party’s mood.

Send invites:

You can either take the old-fashioned route by sending party invites through mail or you can mail a personalized, cool e-vite to every guest. Apart from the important details, do not forget to mention your theme and let the guests know that they should wear a costume for being a part of the fun.

Serve food and drinks according to your theme

Don’t just order pizza when you are throwing a Halloween party. Try using food that is inspired by Halloween. You can keep Halloween spiders made out of noodle, chicken witch fingers, and gummy worms made out of gelatin. Also, add food coloring to your drinks to give them a spooky-potion feel. Try to get as creative as you can!

Also, make sure you offer non-alcoholic beverages so that your guests have plenty of options to choose from.

It is not easy to plan a Halloween party. You have to consider the decor, food, and all the additional things that will make your party fantastic. But, once everything is prepared, you and your guests will have the time of your life.

Monday, 25 September 2017

Party Etiquettes - Dos and Don’ts

Whether you enjoy being part of big bashes or prefer the coziness of home gatherings, it is a good idea to keep yourself brushed up with the behaviors before going for your next get-together. Here are a few party etiquettes for guests and hosts, be it a small or large celebration.

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Make sure you RSVP

Whether it is a printed invitation or a casual invite for a dinner, it is very important to tell the host whether or not you will be able to make it. The host needs numbers to prepare drinks and food. They can also invite someone else if you tell them you are not coming. In case the invite does not tell you to come along with a guest, you should not ask. The host would have made it clear if they wanted you to bring a friend along.

Bring a Gift

It is always a good idea to show appreciation, particularly if you are invited to someone’s home. The best choices are a wine bottle or a bunch of flowers. However, there is no harm in getting a little creative- something homemade or a gift basket will also be appreciated.

Make sure you are Punctual

It is good manners to arrive at a party on time. Make sure you do not reach more than fifteen minutes late, particularly if it is a proper sit-down meal. Also, make sure you are not way too early. Your host will be prepping drinks, food, and decor. It becomes annoying and awkward when the guest arrives before the host is ready.

Be Good

Be polite and always ask the host if they need any help. They will mostly decline, but your gesture will be appreciated. You can offer help at the time of refilling ice trays, opening wine bottles, or clearing dishes from the dinner table.

Socialize with Strangers

Make it a point to interact with other guests. This is particularly important if you have come with a date.

Be Present

You may be addicted to your phone or may be getting bored at the party but that is no excuse to constantly use your phone. You must leave the phone on silent mode when having dinner. Ringtones and lit up screens tend to interrupt conversations. In case you have to be available for a text or call that is important, switch off the ringer and politely excuse yourself when answering the phone.

Engage in Table Talk

Sit-down dinners are usually intimidating. Every move you make is noticed, and you’re usually stuck talking to those around you. A great rule is to keep the conversation balanced by listening as much as you talk. Ask thoughtful questions and allow people enough time to answer.

Enjoy within Reason

It is not a good idea to over-indulge, whether it is food or alcohol. While you should make yourself comfortable, you must not become a nuisance. Drinking to the point of embarrassing others or not being considerate about the food are bad manners. If you really love a dish, request your host to share the recipe.

Following these etiquettes will go a long way in making sure you remain a hit among your friends.  

Monday, 28 August 2017

How to hold a beer tasting party?

While you have heard of pairing parties and wine tastings, what about those who like to drink artisan brews instead of fermented grapes? How about throwing them a beer tasting! With the international beer day just around the corner, make the most of it by inviting all the beer lovers you know to your humble aboard!

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How to prepare?

Just like when you host a cheese and wine party, you must make sure you are aware of the number of people coming so you have enough of drink and food to go around. To make sure you have an accurate count, you can send attractive beer-themed invitations at least three weeks before the party.
For a beer party, you do not need fancy plates or stemware. Most beer parties have crates of bottled beer and guests consume just by opening the bottles. However, if you wish to offer a classier vibe, stock up on glass or plastic beer steins and put them near the bottles.

Shopping list:

If you wish to host a decent beer party, make sure you keep the drinks and food as simple as you possibly can. There is no need for fancy roasts, cheeses, or desserts. Instead, offer more appetizers, munchies such as, nuts and chips, and, of course, a good beer selection. Even though you will need one kind of beer for every person, you want to make sure you have enough money so that people will not feel left out of tasting a specific kind.

If you are holding a party for twelve:

  1. Keep a minimum of eight light beers
  2. At least six amber ales
  3. At least eight wheat beers
  4. A minimum of six stout beers
  5. A minimum of eight other kinds of craft local brews
  6. At least four to six porters
Setting up

There is so much you can do when setting up your party. In case there is a bar inside your house, you can set it up easily! Place all the different types of beer inside buckets. Also, put a bowl around every bucket that your friends can put the beer caps in. Put a tasting pad next to every bucket so that your guests can scribble and rate which one they liked and which one they did not. Place the snacks in different places. In case you're planning on keeping wings or sliders, use a hot plate to ensure they remain warm. Apart from this, place several small plates and napkins in different tables so that guests don't have to hold the beer with untidy hands.

In case you don’t have a bar, just set up an area that can host the beer tasting. Set up a long table with the buckets of beer. Put snacks on smaller tables. In case you are hosting a party in your back yard, make sure to have a lot of ice ready so that the beers remain cold.

With just a little effort you can make your beer tasting party a hit! To add to it, you can even hand over a beer gift basket as a favor!

Thursday, 20 July 2017

July Party Ideas

Find simple and quick ideas for drinks, decorations, and treats for a happy and fun 4th of July celebration. These fun recipes and decorations will help you bring in the nation’s birthday in the most wonderful way.

Decoration ideas


For making your own party garland for Fourth of 4th at a reasonable price, you can cut white, red, and blue tablecloths of plastic into strips, and then tie them to string lights.

Create an elegant mood lighting and canopy for your 4th of July party. Tie blue, white and red paper streamers on big outdoor light bulbs, and put them over a grassy dance space or picnic table.

Use bandanas of white, blue and red colors

You can add the festive colors to your dull dining table in no time by using bandanas. Wrap bandanas of blue, red and white color around your cutlery; the cloths can act as handy napkins while looking pretty on the dinner table.

You can also fold a bandana into half and tie both the ends to the string. Hang the string between two poles or trees.

Patriotic glasses

It is very easy to create your own patriotic glasses for 4th of July. Use contact paper, stars (punched out) and stick them onto disposable glasses to keep the table looking festive.


No party is complete without drinks. Add a patriotic twist to your drinks with these ideas:

Soda bars

You can use desserts for the party as your 4th of July decoration. Create a sweet soda bar by grouping blue, red and clear soda bottles on the table. Display striped straws, and colored sprinkles. Once you’re done with the food, bring out the ice cream and ask your guests to make their own ice-cream.


Who doesn’t love cupcakes? Bake your favorite cupcakes and ice them with the tri-color-red, white and blue. There are a number of tutorials available over the internet if you’re looking for instructions.

Independence Day punch

Mix a patriotic drink using blue Gatorade frost, cranberry juice, Diet 7-Up, and ice cubes for a tasty and refreshing party punch.


No party is complete without some good wine to float around. Buy a crate from your local dealer or order the bottles online. There are plenty of gift basket makers online who will be happy to send you some of the best wines.


If you have the time and want to send your guests with a little party giveaway then here are a few ideas for you:

Themed goody bags:

Arrange white chocolate bars, red twizzlers, and pretzel M&M’s inside a clear goody bag to create a flavorful flag.

Independence Day Gift Baskets:

Create or buy gift baskets containing goodies such as, gourmet chocolates, skittles, baked goods, truffles, and the like. Add a festive feel by decorating the basket with flags and ribbons of red, blue and white colors.

With just a little creativity you can a lot of zing and fun to your 4th of July party.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

8 Mother’s Day Ideas to Celebrate Your Mom

Every living creature on this planet Earth, shares a special bond with his / her mom, be it animal, mammal or a human being. And every living creature is there today, because a mom gave birth, nurtured the newborn and raised him / her to adulthood. In short, “She" has been there and celebrating “Her” on that one special day, “Mother’s Day”, is just a small demonstration of how much you value and love her. Demonstrating that appreciation by giving her a gift or pampering her, which will create memories that she will always treasure.  But, how do you tell her you appreciate her without sounding impersonal?

Here are a few ideas to pamper your mom this year!

Breakfast in bed

Her first meal should not be anything less than delicious! Making her a breakfast and serving it on a tray, delightfully arranged is a great way to begin celebrating her day. Place your card, your gift to her and a small vase with a few flowers or a flower on the tray with her breakfast. Take care of the small details, such as cutlery, napkins, presentation of the food and together with your gift, card and flowers, you will definitely bring out that special glint of delight in her eyes. This small gesture from you will mean the world to her and she will only envelop you more into the abundant love she has to give to you.

A lux beauty treatment

Once her stomach is full, now is the time for some real fun! Does your mother dream of going to a spa, but does not have the means or the time? Give her the gift of beauty and relaxation by booking a spa treatment for her. Let her take the entire day off from her regular grind. She will love the change.

Gifting your mom some wonderful fragrant products is also a great add-on. The feeling of spritzing some floral perfume is going to put a smile on her face!

Comfy pillows

This may seem like an unusual gift but is actually a very practical gift. Buy your mom a comfy pillow, silk pajamas, or any such luxury bedtime gifts she may like. Hide the present on her bed so that she finds it just before going to sleep, snuggle in a mint on the pillow. She will sleep with the satisfaction that her children love her!


If your mom loves chocolates then a box of hand-made chocolates, created out of the finest ingredients makes for a perfect gift. Top it off with a heartfelt Mother’s Day message. She will be the happiest person in the room while devouring the delicacies.

All in one gourmet gift basket

Let her unwrap a basket brimming with her favorite things. Snuggle in her favorite cookies, chocolates, gourmet cheeses and a bottle of fine wine with a couple of flutes. You can also add a CD of her favorite movie for her to watch on the special day. The idea is to surprise her with all the things she loves.

Gratitude kit

Living with gratitude is the essence of life. A gratitude kit will help remind your mother of all the beautiful things she should be grateful for, making her heart lighter, and her attitude brighter. The kit includes a thank-you note that she can send each week, insight on how to write a meaningful letter, and a beautiful journal that will help keep track of her thoughts. Buy a kit for yourself as well so that your mom can know how grateful you are for her every week.

Coral relaxation kit

A coral relaxation kit includes an ocean riche Shea butter soap and lotion with beautiful shell embellishments and a customizable label.

Zen tea

This will make a great gift for a mom who loves her tea ritual! A Zen tea gift basket includes a tea cup mat, mini tea cup, green tea candies arranged in a darling brown trunk.

Mother's Day presents may come in all sizes and shapes, but what really matters is that they should come from the bottom of your heart. Whether you plan to give her something luxurious or something simple, you're guaranteed to make her happy on this special day.

Sunday, 21 May 2017

How to Throw an Easter Dinner Party Your Guests Will Love?

Throw in a charming dinner party this Easter, with a delicious menu, party favors and a gorgeous kid’s table.

Create an Easter table landscape:

Begin by setting a dinner table that is full of charming Easter details. Pick out a color palette such as, green and yellow to usher in spring. Arrange blooms of tulips, maidenhair ferns into simple vases or Easter rabbit vases. Then add a pop of color with colorful flatware. Nestle a center piece on each table with a bunny vase inside a bowl or a wide vase with green grass for creating a festive centerpiece. Add plastic yellow Easter eggs. Top of the day with party favors.

Party favors:

Send your guests home with beautiful party favors to remember you by. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Gift baskets with chocolates

Small Easter baskets filled to the brim with mini white chocolates make a great party favor, that adds an extra touch of sweetness for the guest. Let your guests remember the dinner long after, each time they nibble on one of the chocolates.

2. Truffles and toffee cookies

Offer your guests the experience of delicious chocolate truffles created with the finest ingredients. With each bite, the delicate chocolate will melt on their palate. They will certainly thank you for the decadent gift!

3. Buy scented candles

Choose from different candles made from fragrance oils and vegetable wax! Each time your guest lights up the candle and take in the fragrance filling up their room, they will think of you. You can choose from a range of different fragrances and colors, depending on your theme!

4. Body butters

You can also pamper your guests with a fragrant body butter that will provide the much needed, long-lasting hydration to keep skin supple and soft. You can choose from a myriad of fragrances to match the taste of each guest. Your thoughtfulness will go a long way in impressing them!

Menu Ideas for the night:

Food is always the highlight of a party. Make sure you go that extra mile when deciding your menu.

Brown sugar ham

Cook a traditional Easter ham and brush it with delicious brown-sugar glaze. Make sure you carve the ham so your guests can take easy serving. Display the dish on a tray garnished with fresh lemon wedges. There are plenty of delicious recipes you can find over the internet!

Honey Glazed Carrots

Serve honey glazed carrots as a side dish. It will be a perfect accompaniment to brown sugar ham. The carrots can easily be made ahead of time, just warm them before serving.

Fresh Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon rolls frosted with icing make an amazing addition to your Easter dinner. These can also make a yummy breakfast treat for your friends and family when they wake up next morning.

Easter kid’s table:

Use the same color theme you used for the adult table and set up a table for your little ones, complete with delicious treats, favors and Easter egg touches. Make sure you add pops of color to the table with paper plates. Fill in mini baking cups with chocolate eggs for the children to nibble on.

Give the children a special treat by organizing an Easter egg hunt around the garden or backyard. You can snuggle in little toys, edible bunny-shaped cookies, mini chocolates, and much more inside the egg. Hand every child a small basket and ask them to collect as many eggs as they can. The adults can also join in the fun and festivities!

With just a little effort and creativity, you can come up with the most beautiful theme for your Easter dinner party and have your guests enjoy and leave with the most memorable Easter dinner they ever had!