Wednesday, 25 October 2017

6 Best Gifts to Bring on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is all about loved ones and being grateful for your blessings. With so many parties lined up around this event, it is a good idea to breeze into every party by showing up with a nice gift for your host.


Even hosts that are the most obsessive-compulsive will not mind another sugary temptress joining the well-planned dinner menu. Some obvious choices are pumpkin pies, but it is likely that your bakery bought pie will be joining other homemade ones. So, how about being more creative? Bring a bottle of tequila or brandy and pumpkin ice cream. Another great option is visiting your bakery and buying the town’s specialty. Guests always enjoy indulging in new things.


A gift coupon from a retail coffee chain is so unoriginal. Instead, find out about a nice cafe and ask regarding people-pleasing coffees. Avoid going too light or too dark. Buy a good decaf. Tell the cafe to grind it in a nice, fresh bag. There is no point bringing whole beans to a house that does not have a grinder. One of the most over-looked details of Thanksgiving is premium coffee. If taking coffee alone seems incomplete then you can pair it with nice cookies and even a fancy thanksgiving mug.

Wine Charms:

Nothing is more embarrassing than Grandma Sharon screaming at you because you finished her glass of Merlot accidentally. Bring wine charms that are thanksgiving-themed and save everyone in the party some uncomfortable moments. There are so many to choose from online. Seasonal wine charms will make you feel and look festive, and every time the host takes out the charms they will think of you -- whether you’re at the party or not.

Holiday DVD:

No one really thinks of buying movies for their guests, so be the hero and show up with the perfect holiday DVD. ‘Home for the Holidays’ or ‘Son in Law’ may not be great movies in general, but they are Thanksgiving-themed and great for everyone to watch. In case there are no children, bring movies that are more classic. If you have children around, bring in movies such as a ‘Charlie Brown Thanksgiving’.


Make sure you do a little research to find out who likes what. Spend the most money on the host’s bottle, but surprise your uncle with his favorite wine or the sister with flavored vodka. If it is hard to find out what people drink, invest in a pack of pumpkin beer or holiday ale or fine bottles of white wine. This is a great way to start a conversation with everyone and get to know your family better.

Thanksgiving gift basket:

Holiday gift baskets make the best gift for hosts! There is so much that you can put inside these containers- from Chandon sparkling wine to chocolate truffles, chocolate salted caramel cookies, and Amaretti cookies! Your host will treasure it!

There is nothing more blissful than a room full of your loved ones. Make this year even more special for your host with these simple but lovely gift ideas! Happy Thanksgiving!

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