Thursday, 20 July 2017

July Party Ideas

Find simple and quick ideas for drinks, decorations, and treats for a happy and fun 4th of July celebration. These fun recipes and decorations will help you bring in the nation’s birthday in the most wonderful way.

Decoration ideas


For making your own party garland for Fourth of 4th at a reasonable price, you can cut white, red, and blue tablecloths of plastic into strips, and then tie them to string lights.

Create an elegant mood lighting and canopy for your 4th of July party. Tie blue, white and red paper streamers on big outdoor light bulbs, and put them over a grassy dance space or picnic table.

Use bandanas of white, blue and red colors

You can add the festive colors to your dull dining table in no time by using bandanas. Wrap bandanas of blue, red and white color around your cutlery; the cloths can act as handy napkins while looking pretty on the dinner table.

You can also fold a bandana into half and tie both the ends to the string. Hang the string between two poles or trees.

Patriotic glasses

It is very easy to create your own patriotic glasses for 4th of July. Use contact paper, stars (punched out) and stick them onto disposable glasses to keep the table looking festive.


No party is complete without drinks. Add a patriotic twist to your drinks with these ideas:

Soda bars

You can use desserts for the party as your 4th of July decoration. Create a sweet soda bar by grouping blue, red and clear soda bottles on the table. Display striped straws, and colored sprinkles. Once you’re done with the food, bring out the ice cream and ask your guests to make their own ice-cream.


Who doesn’t love cupcakes? Bake your favorite cupcakes and ice them with the tri-color-red, white and blue. There are a number of tutorials available over the internet if you’re looking for instructions.

Independence Day punch

Mix a patriotic drink using blue Gatorade frost, cranberry juice, Diet 7-Up, and ice cubes for a tasty and refreshing party punch.


No party is complete without some good wine to float around. Buy a crate from your local dealer or order the bottles online. There are plenty of gift basket makers online who will be happy to send you some of the best wines.


If you have the time and want to send your guests with a little party giveaway then here are a few ideas for you:

Themed goody bags:

Arrange white chocolate bars, red twizzlers, and pretzel M&M’s inside a clear goody bag to create a flavorful flag.

Independence Day Gift Baskets:

Create or buy gift baskets containing goodies such as, gourmet chocolates, skittles, baked goods, truffles, and the like. Add a festive feel by decorating the basket with flags and ribbons of red, blue and white colors.

With just a little creativity you can a lot of zing and fun to your 4th of July party.

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