Thursday, 22 June 2017

8 Mother’s Day Ideas to Celebrate Your Mom

Every living creature on this planet Earth, shares a special bond with his / her mom, be it animal, mammal or a human being. And every living creature is there today, because a mom gave birth, nurtured the newborn and raised him / her to adulthood. In short, “She" has been there and celebrating “Her” on that one special day, “Mother’s Day”, is just a small demonstration of how much you value and love her. Demonstrating that appreciation by giving her a gift or pampering her, which will create memories that she will always treasure.  But, how do you tell her you appreciate her without sounding impersonal?

Here are a few ideas to pamper your mom this year!

Breakfast in bed

Her first meal should not be anything less than delicious! Making her a breakfast and serving it on a tray, delightfully arranged is a great way to begin celebrating her day. Place your card, your gift to her and a small vase with a few flowers or a flower on the tray with her breakfast. Take care of the small details, such as cutlery, napkins, presentation of the food and together with your gift, card and flowers, you will definitely bring out that special glint of delight in her eyes. This small gesture from you will mean the world to her and she will only envelop you more into the abundant love she has to give to you.

A lux beauty treatment

Once her stomach is full, now is the time for some real fun! Does your mother dream of going to a spa, but does not have the means or the time? Give her the gift of beauty and relaxation by booking a spa treatment for her. Let her take the entire day off from her regular grind. She will love the change.

Gifting your mom some wonderful fragrant products is also a great add-on. The feeling of spritzing some floral perfume is going to put a smile on her face!

Comfy pillows

This may seem like an unusual gift but is actually a very practical gift. Buy your mom a comfy pillow, silk pajamas, or any such luxury bedtime gifts she may like. Hide the present on her bed so that she finds it just before going to sleep, snuggle in a mint on the pillow. She will sleep with the satisfaction that her children love her!


If your mom loves chocolates then a box of hand-made chocolates, created out of the finest ingredients makes for a perfect gift. Top it off with a heartfelt Mother’s Day message. She will be the happiest person in the room while devouring the delicacies.

All in one gourmet gift basket

Let her unwrap a basket brimming with her favorite things. Snuggle in her favorite cookies, chocolates, gourmet cheeses and a bottle of fine wine with a couple of flutes. You can also add a CD of her favorite movie for her to watch on the special day. The idea is to surprise her with all the things she loves.

Gratitude kit

Living with gratitude is the essence of life. A gratitude kit will help remind your mother of all the beautiful things she should be grateful for, making her heart lighter, and her attitude brighter. The kit includes a thank-you note that she can send each week, insight on how to write a meaningful letter, and a beautiful journal that will help keep track of her thoughts. Buy a kit for yourself as well so that your mom can know how grateful you are for her every week.

Coral relaxation kit

A coral relaxation kit includes an ocean riche Shea butter soap and lotion with beautiful shell embellishments and a customizable label.

Zen tea

This will make a great gift for a mom who loves her tea ritual! A Zen tea gift basket includes a tea cup mat, mini tea cup, green tea candies arranged in a darling brown trunk.

Mother's Day presents may come in all sizes and shapes, but what really matters is that they should come from the bottom of your heart. Whether you plan to give her something luxurious or something simple, you're guaranteed to make her happy on this special day.

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