Monday, 25 September 2017

Party Etiquettes - Dos and Don’ts

Whether you enjoy being part of big bashes or prefer the coziness of home gatherings, it is a good idea to keep yourself brushed up with the behaviors before going for your next get-together. Here are a few party etiquettes for guests and hosts, be it a small or large celebration.

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Make sure you RSVP

Whether it is a printed invitation or a casual invite for a dinner, it is very important to tell the host whether or not you will be able to make it. The host needs numbers to prepare drinks and food. They can also invite someone else if you tell them you are not coming. In case the invite does not tell you to come along with a guest, you should not ask. The host would have made it clear if they wanted you to bring a friend along.

Bring a Gift

It is always a good idea to show appreciation, particularly if you are invited to someone’s home. The best choices are a wine bottle or a bunch of flowers. However, there is no harm in getting a little creative- something homemade or a gift basket will also be appreciated.

Make sure you are Punctual

It is good manners to arrive at a party on time. Make sure you do not reach more than fifteen minutes late, particularly if it is a proper sit-down meal. Also, make sure you are not way too early. Your host will be prepping drinks, food, and decor. It becomes annoying and awkward when the guest arrives before the host is ready.

Be Good

Be polite and always ask the host if they need any help. They will mostly decline, but your gesture will be appreciated. You can offer help at the time of refilling ice trays, opening wine bottles, or clearing dishes from the dinner table.

Socialize with Strangers

Make it a point to interact with other guests. This is particularly important if you have come with a date.

Be Present

You may be addicted to your phone or may be getting bored at the party but that is no excuse to constantly use your phone. You must leave the phone on silent mode when having dinner. Ringtones and lit up screens tend to interrupt conversations. In case you have to be available for a text or call that is important, switch off the ringer and politely excuse yourself when answering the phone.

Engage in Table Talk

Sit-down dinners are usually intimidating. Every move you make is noticed, and you’re usually stuck talking to those around you. A great rule is to keep the conversation balanced by listening as much as you talk. Ask thoughtful questions and allow people enough time to answer.

Enjoy within Reason

It is not a good idea to over-indulge, whether it is food or alcohol. While you should make yourself comfortable, you must not become a nuisance. Drinking to the point of embarrassing others or not being considerate about the food are bad manners. If you really love a dish, request your host to share the recipe.

Following these etiquettes will go a long way in making sure you remain a hit among your friends.  

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