Friday, 9 August 2013

Budget gift ideas to impress your loved ones

Gift is a wonderful way of expressing your feelings, a thoughtful way of saying “I think of you and care for you!” Many have this idea that gifts are judged by expensive price tags only. This is not really true. What actually matters is your feelings and the way you convey it.  If you are totally apathetic to the cause then landing up with an expensive present makes no sense. In fact there are occasions which don’t even demand expensive gifts, e.g., you may want to say “get well soon”, “thank you” or “best of luck” to someone close. You need not present him/her with an expensive wrist watch or solitaire diamond. An exclusive gift with a well thought out message is enough to touch the person’s heart.

Prior to buying a gift, it helps if you know the person’s likes and dislikes. However, one thing can be said for sure that the best way to someone’s heart is through his/her stomach. So, if you don’t have clear idea about the person’s favorites, then a gourmet gift is the best bet. Very few can resist the charm of a gift basket containing premium chocolates, butter toffee pretzels, chocolate dipped butter cookies or fresh baked brownies. Many who don’t have sweet tooth will definitely fall for smoked almonds, cheese sticks or crunchy fresh roasted nuts. Again those who are too health conscious and can conjure up the courage to resist these delicacies will surely appreciate a basket containing assorted dry fruits, olive oil chips, tea cookies and green tea. So, what could have been the better option, than tickling taste buds of your loved ones and that too without spending a fortune!

If you are planning budget gift baskets under $40, then try the mix-n-match trick. Replace one or two expensive items with comparatively inexpensive ones. Make sure that you substitute with useful items only, e.g. if it is a birthday gift then team up your birthday cookies with a hand painted coffee mug. An apple gift basket hand dipped in rich Caramel, Chocolate and then colorfully decorated with bright candies is the perfect present to brighten up your sweetheart’s day. To make any gift even more eye-catching, use colorful gift wraps and satin ribbons. You can always be innovative with different gift ideas or else get the services of any reputed gifting company which has proficiency in offering personalized services. Apart from suggesting interesting gift ideas under $40, these companies also do the packaging and then deliver it at your desired address.

Prior to selecting a gifting company, do study its profile. Browse the website to know different gift categories and items included in each group. Enquire about their services, i.e., whether they arrange items as per your request, if they have gift baskets within limited budget, what locations they cover, how long the delivery takes and so on. When it comes to delightful gift ideas, many customers trust companies run by women gift experts; perhaps guided by the conception that only a woman is sensitive enough to appreciate feelings associated with a gift and can convey emotions in an aesthetical manner.

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