Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Why choose fresh fruit gift baskets?

Be it your co-worker, best friend or teacher, a nicely decorated gift basket can turn out to be an excellent gift, when customized with special care. If you have been bored with gift baskets of wine and beer, tea and coffee, chocolates, flowers and delicious candies, which are the most common ideas for gift baskets, you can take a break and tread a different path, while looking for something really exceptional such as fresh fruit gift baskets. With the fresh and juicy seasonal fruits, some of which are often coupled with delicious chocolates, these baskets happen to be one of the most preferred gift baskets among both the buyers and the recipients. If you have always looked for something organic that combine the best seasonal flavors, fresh fruit gift baskets are going to be the ideal choice for you. 

Here are some of the most popular fruit gift baskets, from which you can choose the one that best suits your budget and your recipient’s tastes:

Fabulous fruit gift basket – With a nice looking basket, decorated with a bow, this gift item packs juicy and fresh seasonal fruits, along with a variety of cheese, crackers, crunchy almonds, mini mustards, summer sausage, chocolate fudge cookies, truffles, raspberry bar, Ghirardelli bar etc. With so many types of exciting things to munch and savor, these baskets are sure to delight anyone’s palate! 

Fruit and Chocolate gift baskets, especially for fall – Autumn comes with its own charms and you can make things all the more beautiful by presenting an autumn fruit and chocolate gift basket to your recipients. Shaped like an elegant tower, a beautiful gift basket, which contains dark chocolate caramel gems, juicy oranges, milk-chocolate covered cashews, crispy biscuits etc, it is perfect to celebrate the magic of fall. Pick one of these baskets and enjoy the hot chocolate and cocoa to stay warm on autumn nights.

Fruit medley gift basket, a fruit lovers’ delight – If you are a real lover of fresh fruits, this one may attract you the most. Comprising of the best collection of apples, pears and oranges of the season, it’s an absolute delight for any fruit lover’s taste buds. What’s more, you can always customize the collection according to your preference and availability of fruits.

Dried fruit gift basket – If you are not quite fond of those juicy fruits or want to try out something with a bit of difference, you may pick dried fruit baskets. A collection of dates, ruby red palms, jumbo pears, peaches etc. will surely make an exciting gift to give away to your loved ones. You can use them as a birthday gift basket or even as a corporate thank you gift basket.

Share the health gift basket – A large array of fresh fruits along with cookies and best chocolates in a well decorated basket is another fabulous option for you. Share healthy wishes with your loved ones with a bunch of crispy apples, juicy oranges, cheese, Columbus salami, almonds, focaccia crisps, pistachios and cookies.

Organic fruit box gift basket – You can make a picturesque box with the best fresh fruits of the season that will exemplify sustainability and health for your recipient. Such a collection will comprise of ten organic certified fruits such as pears, apples and oranges. Including the seasonal fruits in the basket will surely add an unmatched charm to the entire process of gift giving.

Well decorated gift baskets have always been attractive to all. Including fresh fruits in them will definitely add to their glory. So, take your pick from the above mentioned options and wait for the glimpse of joy on your recipients’ faces.

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