Thursday, 27 February 2014

Creating a wish list for party gifts

Celebration doesn’t always need a special occasion. You can celebrate almost anything, starting from something as simple as passing an exam, getting well from illness or getting that coveted job, to special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, marriage, housewarming etc. Even handling the adversities that life often throws your way calls for celebration. So, whatever be the reason that you want to celebrate, gifts are sure to be an integral part of it. In case you are throwing a party, you should think about creating a wish list to make it hassle-free for your invitees to bring your coveted gifts. Rather than making your guests guess what they should bring you and often ending up with duplicate gifts, you should make lives easier by creating a wish list where you add your preferred gift baskets that you would love to receive.

With a plethora of unique gift baskets available in the market these days, it often becomes difficult to select what to add and what to give a miss to, while creating your wish list. So, here are some suggestions that can help you in your endeavor:

  • Festive Baskets: Festivals are a much awaited cause to celebrate. Be it the Christmas Eve, New Year, or Thanksgiving Day, these are the ideal occasions to throw a party and share your love with your friends and family. You can choose to add personalized festive gift baskets to your wish list for parties thrown during festivals. These baskets could pack a wide variety of things, starting from baked cookies and vintage chocolates, to flavored wafers, extraordinary wine bottles, and so on, which are sure to add to the festive spirit prevalent in the air.
  • Special Occasion Baskets: When you are throwing a party to celebrate special occasions like birthdays, marriages, anniversaries, Thanksgiving Day, passing of an exam, recovering from an illness etc, adding baskets specifically meant for the occasion in question, to your wish list, would be the ideal choice. While fresh flowers, teddy bears, wine and beer baskets etc could fit a scene where the party is for congratulating someone, opting for fresh fruit baskets would be the right choice when it’s to celebrate someone’s recovery from illness/accident.  
  • Dietary Gift Baskets: Health is a major constraint when it comes to choosing gifts for people with fitness issues. Even parties for extremely health conscious people can make creating a wish list difficult as you have to give common options like cookies and chocolates a miss. In such cases, gift baskets packed with healthy foods, including fresh, organic fruits and foods such as crisp apples, oranges, as well as seasonal fruits and veggies can be the ideal choice for your wish list. You may even consider customized gift baskets that pack delicious dry fruits like almonds and cashew nuts, which will uplift the party spirit for sure.
  • Beverage Baskets: Special tea and coffee baskets are ideal gifts for parties to begin with. For your wish list, you may add gift baskets that contain different brews of tea/coffee along with some designer tea cups or a coffee/tea set, all wrapped beautifully in a custom-made gift basket that adds both grace as well as intricacy to the entire gift.  
  • Spa gifts: If you are thinking about the after-effects of a gala party and would need things to relax and rejuvenate your tired body and soul, you should think of adding spa gift baskets to your wish list. Starting from scented personal bath products and soothing candles to aroma shells, bath robes and slippers etc, these baskets pack important ingredients that can ensure you of an invigorating session to beat the blues of the party.

So, take your pick from these ideas to create your wish list for a party. However, don’t go too overboard with your choices as you surely wouldn’t want to hurt the wallets or purses of your invitees. 

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