Thursday, 27 March 2014

Tips to Choose Gifts for Children

Choosing gifts for children is fun and challenge as well. They are extremely particular about what they want and what they don’t. So, you have to consider your little recipient’s likes and dislikes before you start hunting for the right gifts. Right from chocolates and toys to gourmet gift baskets and sports goodies, you have a wide variety to take your pick from. Focus on some reputed online gift to choose from varied options.

If you are still worried about finding a gift that would bring smile on your little recipient’s lips, here are some useful tips:

  • Know the little one’s preferences: If you have met the child a couple of times, perhaps you already have some idea about what she/he likes. If not, you can always ask their parents about it. This would form a base for your gift search. For a toddler, you can buy common gifts such as toys, clothes, or a couple of essential items like food products, diapers etc. However, it’s better not to overspend on gifts for toddlers as they will quickly outgrow these gifts. Another thing to remember is that even if you can't find or don't know what to get for the child, you can always opt for safe bets like chocolates, cookies etc.
  • Decide on the genre: Most online as well as brick-and-mortar gift stores have separate sections for baby girls and baby boys, apart from having some gender neutral gifts. Decide the type of gifts you want to buy and then search extensively within the relevant categories. A random search would throw so many options overwhelming you. Be it interactive games, board games, books or sports gift baskets, deciding on the type would help you narrow down your search and take your pick easily.
  • Buy gifts that encourage child’s development: While board games (creation of words with alphabet blocks, doing simple math problems with numerical blocks etc) and toys that can be arranged to form shapes or objects (such as Lego) encourage child’s creativity, those like crayons, pens, Play Dough and sketchbooks let them have fun with their imagination. Thus, buying such gifts will be a good idea. You may also opt for gifts that let a child share the same with his/her friends. This paves way for sharing and social interaction which can be fostered by gifts that encourage more than one child to play at a time.
  • Set aside a budget: Before you start looking for gifts, set a budget. Young children are seldom impressed by a gift’s price tag. Rather, they prefer to have something to play with and have fun. Setting aside a budget (based on the child’s tastes and age) will help you in limiting your options for picking the right gift. Happy gift hunting!

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