Friday, 18 July 2014

5 birthday gift basket ideas for your husband

Picking out a perfect birthday gift for your husband can be extremely challenging. Rather than buying a bland present such as a gift card or a necktie, get him a great gift that will make his special day even more memorable. Here are five gift baskets that will make his birthday one to remember.

Barbeque Gift Basket

If your guy loves to get his grill on, then handing him a barbecue basket is perhaps the best idea. Make an entertaining collection of savory barbeque snacks such as, dip mixes, chips, barbeque sauce and much more. You can also add in his favorite poison to make the container more tempting.

Gourmet Food Basket

A basket full of gourmet cooking favorites such as mixes, sauces, chili kits, cheeses, pasta, burger mix, nuggets and more is sure to be a hit with a connoisseur of fine drinks and food! He is going to remember you each time he prepares something from the container and may even shower you with affection and appreciation for the thought you put into his birthday gift.

Sport Gift Basket

Surprise your sports fan with a basket filled to the brim with delectable treats and snacks such as, mint chocolate cookies, assorted biscotti, mountain mix, hot cocoa, gourmet mocha, and much more. You can also create game specific baskets such as golf baskets, kickoff baskets, basketball gift containers, and the like. Remember, the closer your present is to his favorite sport, the more he will appreciate it.

Apart from the food, you can also include accessories like his favorite team’s t-shirt, game cards, game DVD’s, to make him flip with joy.

Coffee Gift Basket

Does your husband enjoy a good cup of coffee? If yes, then a coffee gift basket makes a perfect gift for him. There are a variety of things you can add to the basket including, coffee mugs, different types of gourmet coffee beans, cappuccino, chocolate rolls as coffee dippers, and the like. It is a great way to let your husband know how much you love him.

Wine Gift Basket

Imagine your guy waking up to a big tote containing his favorite wines from around the world! He will not forget that feeling for a long time. You can also nestle in a treasure trove of gourmet delicacies such as smoked salmon, gourmet stoneground mustard, fancy baked pretzels, dry salami, and several other specialty foods. Apart from this, you can also include a box of his favorite chocolates and fine wine glasses to add to his collection.

Just because your man is not mushy for romance as you are does not mean he will not appreciate a thoughtful and romantic token of love. If you really love your husband, show him how much you care by choosing a birthday gift that is selfless and creative. By giving him a gift basket matching his personality, you can be rest assured that he will love you for it and may even return the favor very soon. However, if you’re having a hard time deciding which basket to gift, get in touch with expert gift-basket makers to assist you in choosing the right basket.

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