Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Gift Ideas for Labor Day

Labor Day is celebrated on the first Monday of September to mark the American Labor Movement. This day is dedicated to the economic and social accomplishment of workers. Labor Day offers the working people a rare three-day weekend, which is lapped up by many to enjoy picnics, camping and social gatherings with friends and family. In many states, this day also marks, albeit unofficially, the end of summer and the commencement of school. Therefore, children and youngsters too take part in the festivities that are organized when Labor Day weekend rolls around. In case you have been planning to send gifts to loved ones to make their Labor Day celebrations special, here are some ideas that can help:

  • Gourmet Delicacies: Typically, Labor Day parties include some type of outdoor dining. So, packing a lunch basket with chocolates, cookies, fresh fruits, munchies and other gourmet delicacies are sure to be winners. A lot of online gift stores stock a variety of chocolates, fruits and organic gift baskets, from which you can take your pick. In case your recipients have health issues, you may even shop for heart healthy gift baskets, sugar-free/diabetic gift baskets or gluten-free gift baskets.
  • Wine Gift Baskets: No celebration can be complete without a glass of wine or champagne. So, order unique wine gift baskets which pack your intended recipient’s favorite wines and let them raise a toast in style.
  • Spa Gifts: Instead of spending a day-out, if your loved ones would rather have a day of indulgence at a spa, you can send them spa gift vouchers. If they are not interested in stepping out and still want to be pampered, spa gift baskets are your ideal bet. Packed with spa essentials, these baskets are perfect to enjoy a spa session right at home. Designed to soothe frayed nerves, while offering the much-needed touch of stress relief, these spa baskets will help your loved ones pamper themselves in royal style.
  • Tickets to Sporting Events: For sports enthusiasts, nothing can beat the tickets to their favorite outdoor sporting events. You too can gift such tickets to your recipients this Labor Day to bring some unique quotient to your gifts. In case there are no sporting events nearby, there’s no need to fret and fume. You can always choose from the bouquet of sports gift baskets and take your pick depending on what sport your recipient favors.
  • Home Decoration/Renovation Items: Rather than enjoying a rest day, some people may choose to decorate/renovate parts of their home on Labor Day. If your recipient is such a person who takes pride in working hard even on a holiday, you can chip in with gifts that pack home decoration items (such as picture frames, pen stands, vases etc) or toolkits and items for home repair.
  • Outdoor Game Kits: Spending time on camping can be difficult if you don’t have enough options to keep yourself occupied. To save your loved ones from this plight, especially if they have planned a camping trip this Labor Day, you can pick outdoor game kits that are easy to carry and will help the participants have an enjoyable time.

People in the US work long and hard and take pride in their reputation of being workaholic. Labor Day gives them a chance to break free from the strict schedule and enjoy some quality time with friends, family and loved ones to feel rejuvenated. This way, they are ready to come back to work with a renewed fervor. So, find some gifts to help your loved ones enjoy this day and add a personal note to show that you really love and care for them. 

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