Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Thanksgiving gift ideas for loved ones

Thanksgiving is a holiday steeped in history and tradition, with images of boats, pilgrims, pumpkins, crops and turkeys, all around. One of the best ways to celebrate this joyous occasion is to give away small tokens of love to the ones who matter most in your life. From gourmet gift baskets to spa products, here are some ideas that you can mix and match to create a perfect gift.

Appetizer baskets 

If you’d like to create a basket that your host can use during a dinner party, then give them a basket filled with appetizers. You can include a variety of cheeses, fruits, crackers, or mixed nuts. Dish towels or pot holders can also be added to fill up the empty spaces. Don’t forget to use fall colors, such as gold, reds, oranges and browns while decorating.

Dinner baskets
Even though your host may have already planned and prepared a Thanksgiving meal, a gift basket containing recipes and ingredients will allow them to peruse other ideas and recipes later on. There are thousands of recipes over the internet, including regional specialties from California to New England and Southern style cooking. An unusual dinner gift basket should help them get into the holiday spirit.

After dinner baskets

A container filled with desserts and beverages can come in very handy after a large dinner. Buy pies, cookies, and brownies to put inside the basket for your recipient to serve after a meal. You can even choose to bake a dessert. Place your cookies or cake in a decorative tray or a tin and snuggle in some assorted teas or coffee bags along.

Fruit baskets 
To make a fruit basket, place colorful fall leaves in the shades of scarlet, orange, and gold inside your container, filling it to the brim with fruits. Tuck in some apples, pears, oranges, limes and lemons. Use mini-pumpkins as fillers to cover up the gaps. These gift baskets do not just offer delicious snacks but are also a very healthy way to tell someone how much you appreciate them.

Personalized baskets

Can there be a better gift than having your favorite goodies tucked inside one big container? After a tiring day, your recipient will probably like to take a break and relax. Give them a more customized gift basket to help them wind down. Snuggle in a bottle of their favorite beverage and some of their personal favorites, such as cookies and candy. You can also add some spa products and scented candles.

Decorating baskets

Another pretty gift is a cornucopia filled with Thanksgiving decorations and treats. You can tuck in napkins, place mats, candlesticks, candy, fruit, and the like. Tie a beautiful bow and snuggle in a CD of holiday music to get your recipients in the mood.

There is no better occasion to say thanks to your loved ones than Thanksgiving. Whether you’re having your friends over for dinner or just want to tell someone how grateful you are for having them in your life, you can display your appreciation with a small gift. Hope the aforementioned ideas help you come up with the right present.

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