Monday, 20 April 2015

Birthday gifts that will make her jump with joy!

A special someone's birthday is right around the corner and even though you’ve been together so long, you're at an absolute loss when it comes to choosing a perfect birthday gift. No matter how much you care, choosing a birthday gift can be a little nerve-racking. Should you take the tech route, or should you gift her something more thoughtful and romantic? Here are some exciting gift ideas that will make her jump with joy!

Wine gift basket

If she loves a glass of fine wine with dinner, chances are she'll love a basket containing a cool collection of quality wines. Match a collection of reds and whites that suit her palate the best. You can even snuggle in her favorite snacks such as chocolate truffles, cookies, crisps, roasted salted mixed nuts, cheese, olives, and the like. 

Cookies with birthday balloons - The mid-day surprise!

Surprise her with a decadent basket of cookies and birthday balloons when she least expects it. An assortment of scrumptious cookies with flavors from dark chocolate to salted-butter and chocolate chips will squarely hit her brain's reward centers (through the sweet tooth). At the same time, a bunch of customized colorful balloons are going to make her feel even more special. 


Chocolate, the most gratifying word for a lady will surely make a delightful treat for her as a gift. Even better, you can personalize your own pack by adding in her favorite chocolate treats. Don’t know her taste? Buy assorted packs containing different flavors. Snuggle in truffles, dark chocolates, milk chocolates, and flavored treats.


Women love popcorn. Whether it’s a huge cinema snack, a bag at lunch, or of the curiously-flavored posh variety, it’s a definite winner. So, create a thoughtful basket of instant gourmet popcorn in a variety of different flavors. 

Beauty Essentials

Whether she’s getting ready for a day at the office or is prepping for a night out, a kit of beauty essentials will make her stand out and look her best. Not sure what she’ll love? You can always ask a female friend or your mom to help you assemble the right kit. For starters, you can add in a range of beauty products such as essential oils, moisturizers, shower soaps, gels, and perfume to the package. 

A Getaway

There is no bigger gift than the gift of time. Plan a short getaway on her birthday. Treat her to a private suite in a hotel and spoil her with your affection and deep love. If she loves the outdoors, then plan a picnic with her. Arrange a big basket filled to the brim with a variety of sandwich fillings, crackers, crispies, pretzels, bread, and more. Don’t forget to snuggle in a bottle of fine wine to celebrate the wonderful occasion. By the end of your little trip, you will have one pampered and happy partner.

Plan a Party at home

Invite a handful of her friends to a night of complete debauchery. Indulge in Champaign and make sure you have plenty of food to last the entire night. To add to the thoughtfulness, arrange for small giveaways as a reminder of this eventful night. You can buy under $30 gourmet gifts from reputed sellers online.    

When it comes to buying a birthday gift for her, what you really have to do, irrespective of her age, is make sure you’ve put some thought into it. Just make sure you give her something that fits in with her taste and palette. This will surely make the gift a big hit!

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