Thursday, 23 July 2015

Creative birthday party favors for kids

Your children have probably gotten their share of party favor bags filled with useless junk. When you’re planning your child’s birthday party, you don’t want to waste time and money on party favors that will only end up in the bin. Skip the outdated goodie bags for your kid’s next birthday bash. Here are fresh party favor ideas that young children will actually enjoy and want to keep.

Ice cream sundae

Take plastic tumblers and fill up the bottom with white gift tissue. Then add some goodies such as mini bubbles or tiny erasers. Top it off with candies. A Pixie Stick can become the “straw” and cinnamon candy or wrapped peppermint can become the cherry. 

Gummy skewers

If you plan to go with edible party favors then make the giveaway completely unique with gummy skewers. Simply spear gummy candies onto a lollipop stick or skewer then cover them it with cellophane and top it off with a decorative tape or bow. You can choose from a variety of gummies that look like everything from frogs to fried eggs. You can even make use of gummies that complement the colors or party theme.

A treasure box

Buy wooden boxes and turn them into treasure chests. Fill each container with delicious goodies such as chocolate bars, graham crackers, and marshmallows. To make the container interesting, load up a pencil box with erasers, pencils, crayons, watercolor sets, and stickers. Be as creative as you feel like.

Beauty basket

If you are hosting an all-girl birthday party, there is nothing more enjoyable for the young girls than a pack of beauty products. From flavored lip balm to cute hair accessories, the princess party will relish the glamorous gifts. To add to the beauty baskets, snuggle in yummy treats such as twizzlers, rice krispies and buttery toffees.

Ultimate birthday gift basket

If you want to take it a notch further, create the ultimate birthday party favors. Give away gift baskets complete with balloons, pocket travel games, treats, toys and snacks. No matter their age, your little guests will be ecstatic when they get hold of this perfect birthday favor! 

Festive birthday gift boxes

Celebrate the event with festive birthday-themed boxes. Fill up bright containers with treats such as, gourmet popcorn, pretzels, cookies, and other nostalgic candy. This favor is sure to make your child’s birthday a memorable one!

Theme favors

Use the interests of your child as your guide to create a party favor theme for guests. If your child is a cartoon lover, surround the favors around their favorite cartoon character. If you want to keep your favors ecofriendly, buy mini terracotta pots and fill them up with a small flower or herb for guests to take home.

Celebrating your son or daughter’s birthday with a party is a great way to pamper them. Sending guests home with favors is a great way to thank them for coming over. Customize the favors to the party theme, or to the child’s favorite things, and add mementos so that the guests remember the event for a long time.

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