Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Tips to Select Gifts by Occasion

For many, buying gifts for loved ones, friends or office colleagues is nothing short of a distress. If you belong to this league of troubled men and women as well, who are afraid of being invited to parties for the fear of buying gifts, take heart for we have an easy solution for your dilemma of what to buy. Simply select gifts by occasions and you will no longer have to play guessing games, thinking about whether to buy a bouquet, a card, a box of chocolates or something else for the party or occasion that you have been invited to.

Here are some gift categories that will make your gift buying endeavor simpler: 

  • Birthday Gift Baskets: Birthdays are all about celebrating your special day with your loved ones. From a birthday gift basket of delectable, crunchy cookies, to a pack of Godiva chocolates, birthday candles, or a bouquet of colorful flowers, you should think of something that your recipient will be very happy to get.
  • Wedding and Anniversary Gift Baskets: To spread the cheer, you can opt for some classic wine or a bright colored bouquet. If your recipients have a penchant for wine, you could even think about personalized wedding and anniversary gift baskets that pack a cabernet sauvignon, a few bottles of delectable wine such as a rich Merlot and a Chardonnay, among others. Chocolates or gift baskets that include delicious sweets, chocolates, wafers and crunchies too can make for delicious wedding and anniversary gifts.
  • Thank You Gift Baskets: If you want to say someone a deserving “Thank You” today, nothing can match a personalized “Thank You” gift basket. While friends can be thanked with a bountiful of chocolates and cookies, a teacher would deserve a bunch of flowers tied neatly and accompanied by a handwritten note. You may even pick a spa gift basket for your mother or aunt, or gift your sports loving dad a golf gift basket to show how thankful you truly are. Gratitude can’t be delivered better than this!
  • Sympathy Gift Baskets: When words fail to console someone going through a hard time, let sympathy gift baskets do the talking. With carefully chosen sympathy gifts, you can send your condolences when words alone won't do. From a basket full of ready-to-eat snacks (such as cheese, crackers, peanuts, chocolates, cookies, cheese biscuits etc), to one that’s thoughtfully personalized to include gourmet foods and treasured memories, you can take your pick to send loving wishes of sympathy and peace.
  • Get Well Gift Baskets: An apple a day keeps a doctor away - inspired by this adage, you can opt for a gift basket that packs fresh, juicy apples. Feel better cookies; a speedy recovery basket that packs a snack mix, puzzle books and bookmarks, soothing soups and tea, water crackers, cookies and candies as well as playing cards etc would also be good gifts to buy. You may even consider buying goodies such as fruit gems, Granola bars, Kit Kat, M&M Peanut etc that would make any ill person feel better!

Use these tips and shop by occasions to find how gift giving can be an enjoyable experience.

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