Sunday, 19 February 2017

Choosing that Special Gift for Your Man

2017 was welcomed with resounding celebrations worldwide and now it is time to think of the next exciting and special day in our lives. February 14th and Valentine’s Day! It is also the time to ponder on what would be the best gift you could buy for that special someone. The occasion can be a little tricky to shop for as it carries different levels of significance for different couples. Below are some of the best Valentine's Day gift ideas that are perfect for a man- we are leaving the romance to you (remember, gifts are a part of what makes this day special).

Gifting rules:

1. Make sure you give gifts that are commensurate with the number of years you have been together.

What this means is that if you have been out for a few dates, you should pick a gift that is less mushy gushy. A present that is too expensive or overly romantic will make things uncomfortable and give off a wrong vibe. Similarly, if you have been in a relationship for a good amount of time, you have to be more thoughtful and romantic. It also makes more sense to buy an expensive gift once you have been with each other long enough.

2. Choose something that your guy will like, not something you would prefer gifting.

For example, don’t gift him a couple’s spa day. This gift is equal to him gifting you tickets to a Knicks game rationalizing that it will be your day out together. Think of what he likes and then go for it.

3. If your budget is restricted, go with a sentimental and creative gift.

When budget is low, you can always get creative. A few good ideas are things such as, handmade gift certificate they can redeem for a back massage or a mix CD of all of their favorite songs. But remember, the CD should contain their favorites, not yours! There is no reason for gifts to be expensive for them to be romantic.

Gifting Ideas:

Chocolate and wine basket:

Chocolate and wine is a fool-proof gift! It is pretty much the go-to if you cannot think of anything else. But, if your guy is a wine enthusiast, a wine gift basket makes for a thoughtful gift. However, for a wine lover, just any bottle of wine won't do. Research and observe your man’s taste and try to collect especially picked out wines and pair them with gourmet chocolates.

Beer brewing kit

If wine seems too much of a gift cliché but you still wish to take the booze route, a beer brewing kit is not a bad idea at all. You can shop for quality beer brewing kits with premium ingredients and unique recipes online. Snuggle in a couple of personalized beer mugs to add to the fun.

Coffee gift basket

Coffee is a great present for a coffee lover because not only does it come with several interesting blends, but there is also a lot you can do with it. Different varieties of coffees packed with delectable goodies like cookies, dark chocolate, dried cranberries, flavored almonds, a personalized coffee mug make for a perfect gift.


Men love their gadgets. From massive home entertainment systems to tablets, mobile phones, and much more, there is always something your guy will love to have. If you’re dating a gamer, then Play Station 4 is a great idea. If he already owns the console then buy him the latest releases for his gaming collection. For a gear guy, the latest iPhone or iPad makes for a great gift. You can also gift your ultimate geek an Amazon gift card so he can buy whatever he wishes.

In the end, what really counts is the thought. And, as old and tired as this saying may seem, it still holds true. The gifts our loved ones treasure most are not always the most expensive ones, but instead the ones that come from the hearts of the people they love. So, make sure you shower him with a lot of love and appreciation to make this day special and unforgettable.

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