Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Buying Upscale Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are available aplenty in the market. However, when it comes to choosing upscale gift baskets a very few unique and classy options are available. If you are ready to splurge money blend luxury and elegance in your gifts, go online to find such reputed wholesale gift shops.

  • Chocolate Treats: Rich and classic chocolates, dark chocolates, chocolate dipped cookies, milk chocolate disks, chocolate cherries, chocolate bars and an array of other chocolate delicacies would be the ideal gift for chocolate lovers. Most of these novel gift baskets come in unique packages, which could vary from wooden and wicker baskets to a toile painted container. All of these baskets showcase an unmatched sophistication that you won’t find in items stocked at run-of-the-mill gift shops.  
  • Tasty Treats: Pack an assortment of tasty treats; take your pick from baskets that pack items of different taste and texture. In these baskets, you will find anything from fancy dried fruits, hand rolled European style truffles, cinnamon spiced pecans and almonds, to California colossal pistachios, champagne apricot, cheese shortbread, chocolate/nut biscotti wedges, blueberries, chocolate cherries and a lot more.
  • Wine Baskets: To convey your wishes or sentiments in style, you can choose from a collection of premium wine baskets. Featuring classic and the most exclusive fine wines, these unique gift baskets are sure to amaze your recipients. You can make your gifts all the more special by choosing baskets with unique packaging. For instance, a basket that uses a real wine box as the container for packing the wines and other food items like cheese biscuits, pesto, olive oil, breadsticks, pasta, balsamic vinegar etc could be a good choice. Some of these gift baskets may even pack music CDs matching the place of origin of the wine, thus helping your recipients set the right mood for raising a toast.   
  • Organic Gift Baskets: Apart from being environment-friendly, organic foods also promise good health. However, they may often be expensive, which can put off many prospective buyers, especially those on a limited budget. But when you are in the mood to splurge, these baskets are a good choice as they help your recipients stay fit and enjoy natural products that don’t carry the harmful effects of pesticides. Starting from fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables to dried/roasted nuts and dry fruits, a lot of variety is on offer amongst organic gift baskets.
  • Personalized Gift Baskets: In case you don’t like anything that’s on offer and would rather create your own gift basket, do that. What’s more, you can pack the best of each gift basket to make a gift that’s simply irresistible. Therefore, pick from luxury foods like caviar, foie gras, artisan cheeses, balsamic vinegar, imported olives, mini-toasts, seasonal fruits, Godiva chocolates, crackers, savory treats and more to craft a gift basket that carries your signature touch. Once you have added your choice to the basket, you can choose customized packaging, thus ensuring that your gift creates a lasting impression.

Be it a special day or simple gestures of love, these gifts are luxurious and unique to impress your loved ones!

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