Thursday, 12 June 2014

Celebrate June Solstice with Gourmet Gift Baskets

The June Solstice, also popular as the Northern Solstice, typically occurs on the 20th/21stJune according to the Gregorian calendar. It’s the summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere; whereas it’s the winter solstice in the Southern Hemisphere. Since the summer solstice signals the onset of summer, many festivities are planned during this time of the year. If you are also planning family gatherings or just want to visit the local festivals, some delicious gourmet gift baskets can add up to the festivities around.

Here are the most favorite picks for celebrating June Solstice in style:

  • Organic Gift Baskets: The June Solstice heralds new beginnings. As the crops start to ripen, this is the time for taking stock of things, and set goals to get started with a new life by incorporating healthy eating habits and a fitness regime, if you aren’t already doing it. Organic gift baskets are the ideal way to celebrate the summer solstice. They pack fresh and seasonal fruits and veggies, as well as organic herbs, which are tasty and also healthy. So, whether you are planning a barbeque with friends or a family gathering, having some organic gift baskets for company can be a great way to ensure good health for all.
  • Choco-licious Gifts: Chocolates+ Delicious =Choco-licious gifts. Almost everyone falls in love with chocolates irrespective of their age group. Delicious and classic chocolates wrapped in artistic packages can be the ideal gifts to celebrate the June Solstice.
  • Delicious Munchies: Be it freshly baked cookies, chocolate chips, raisins, oatmeal or Sonoma cheese, these cookie gift baskets are packed to the brim with delectable munchies that can be the perfect accompaniment for summer solstice celebrations. From kids and teenagers to adults and elders, everyone is sure to munch on these delicious items while partaking in the festive spirit.  
  • Spa Gift Baskets: The summer solstice promises that balmy, warmer days are ahead. So, many consider this to be the perfect time to indulge in some self-love and self-nurturing. You can opt for spa gift baskets for your loved ones to help them spend some quality, relaxing me-time at home with the magnificent products of these baskets – right from the bath essentials to scented candles, bathrobes and slippers. Some of these spa gifts may even come with soothing musical CDs that can recreate a zen-like atmosphere right at home. Your recipients will surely thank you for such gifts that will soothe their frayed nerves.
  • Sports Gift Baskets: Summer is the perfect time to go outdoors and play your favorite sport. Be it golf, football, beach volleyball, rugby or any other sport, you should plan to sweat it out in the sun to celebrate the June Solstice in true blue style. Many online gift stores have a variety of sports gift baskets, sorted on the basis of the type of sport, from which you can take your pick. Some of these may even pack quite a few delicious goodies, to replenish the energy of the players in between their on-field duties.

The June Solstice is an excellent time to strengthen your bonding with your loved ones. It’s also the time to start afresh in life to match your aspirations and goals. So, if you have been thinking of starting a fitness routine, opting for healthy eating habits, or indulging in a sport, do it now. And remember to spread the festive cheer around with novel gourmet gift baskets. 

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