Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Unique Gift Baskets to Celebrate Patriot Day

In the history of the US, September 11th is a dark day when terrorist attacks claimed 2,977 lives. Ever since President Bush used his authority in 2012 to sign the resolution and proclaim September 11, 2002 as Patriot Day, this day has been celebrated as a day of remembrance. On this day, people across the country send flowers and gifts to honor their countrymen and support the family or friends of those who have lost a near and dear one in the 9/11 attacks. Be it commemorative gifts or bouquets to honor these brave men and women, you can select from a varied repertoire of several online gift shops to show how much you value the work and sacrifice of those who lost their lives on that fateful day of September 11th.

Here are some unique gift basket ideas for Patriot Day, from which you can take your pick:
  • Patriot bouquets: Nothing can pay a better tribute to the brave souls than a gift basket displaying patriotism. These days, many gift shops stock roses and other flowers with their petals dyed in red, white and blue hues, which help you create the perfect tribute to express your love and pride for the country. If you too want to wear your patriotism on your sleeves, you can choose one or more of these patriot bouquets to celebrate Patriot Day this year.
  • Cookies and other delectable items: Be it delicious cookies, munchies or chocolates, you can get a lot of variety to choose from with these gourmet gift baskets that pack ready to eat items, perfect for any patriotic occasion. Starting from bite-size nibblers and munchies to star-shaped cookies, such gift baskets pack a punch that’s sure to sweeten up any occasion.
  • Organic gift baskets: Gifts that pack organic foods and snacks of superior quality, complete with eco-friendly packaging, are in vogue these days. You too can pick some of these gift baskets that pack the power of nature to commemorate the brave souls who left us on 9/11.
  • Healthy gift baskets: Patriot Day celebration shouldn’t be limited to those who can gorge on chocolates and cookies. Even those with dietary and other health restrictions should take part in the events planned to salute the heroes. To make this possible, several wholesale gift shops offer gluten-free/heart-healthy/sugar-free/diabetic gift baskets. Depending on your recipient’s health and dietary restrictions, you can select from these gifts and ensure that everyone is playing his/her part in lifting the spirits of the friends and families of America's heroes.
  • Sports gift baskets: Some regions celebrate Patriot Day with several events like marathons, golf matches etc along with local parades and celebrations. You too can take part in these to experience how people honor their heroes. You may even gift sports gift baskets in this spirit to encourage your recipients’ participation in these activities. While golf gift baskets will help your recipients play a round or two of the game, those that pack running shoes, cookies etc will be perfect for runners who participate in the marathons.
To make all these gifts more special, you can include a personalized, heart-felt message that acts as your signature touch and goes on to show how much you care.

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