Wednesday, 15 October 2014

5 Tips to Choose Baby Gift Baskets

Choosing gifts for adults is a tough choice but the task becomes tougher when your recipients are babies. Since you won’t know about their habits or preferences in most cases, choosing gifts that are useful and likeable by the little ones can be an uphill task. Though many people opt for toys, new clothes, baby products etc, deciding what to include in your baby gift baskets can often be an overwhelming choice as the market offers numerous options for you to choose from. To make your choice easier and faster, here are five tips that can help you sail through the tough act of choosing baby gift baskets:

  • Gender-specific gifts: If you know the gender of the baby, you can narrow your search down to gifts for the baby girl or boy. While soft toys to cuddle are good for both, you may widen your search to include other toys made of foam, ribbon or wood letters, which can let the little ones have some fun time. Usually, color themes that dominate baby girl gifts are pink and purple, while red and blue are for the boys.
  • Gender-neutral gifts: If the baby’s sex is unknown to you, you can opt for gift baskets in gender neutral colors such as green, yellow, brown and orange. Opting for gifts in pastel and light shades is also a good choice in such cases. Gifts like rubber ducks too can be considered, which can make bath time more enjoyable for the tiny tots, irrespective of their gender.
  • Baby supplies: If you want to give the stuffed animals and soft toys a miss, you can opt for gift baskets that pack a range of baby products. Starting from baby soaps, lotions, powder, baby comb, hair brushes and other bath products for the baby to portable diaper bags, bottles and other feeding products, you can get a wide variety to take your pick from.
  • Baby clothing: Starting from mini bodysuits to snuggle suits,sleepy hats, blankets and pillows,stroller blankets, shoes etc, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to buying baby clothes.Knowing the age and size of the baby will help you select the right clothing that fits well. However, you may opt for one-size baby clothing too in case you are unaware of the baby’s size.
  • Baby and others: It’s not compulsory that yourbaby gift baskets should contain gifts just for the baby. You can also include gifts for the parents, especially if they are new parents. By packing some essential supplies, you can help save the parents a trip to the store in case they forget something essential. In case the baby has an older sibling, including some gifts for him/her can be a good choice as this will not let any resentment breed, as is common with many siblings who feel neglected by all the attention the newest member of the family is getting.

Apart from helpful and useful baby items, you can also opt for a bouquet of flowers, gourmet gift baskets that pack “Welcome Baby” cards, chocolates, cakes and other delectable items. Remember to add a handmade note or message to your gifts or choose personalized packing options to create unique baby gift baskets.

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