Thursday, 29 January 2015

New Year gifting ideas

New Year is the time to mend strained relationships and strengthen old friendships. It is the time to let people you love know how valuable they are to you and to wish them the best of life. One of the best ways to express your gratitude towards your loved ones is to send them gifts. New Year’s gift baskets are a perfect present for anyone to start the year off and also to finish it on friendly terms.
Party Hat basket
A bright party hat filled with gold-wrapped chocolates, assorted cookies, and other such candies can make an interesting New Year gift. You can also add a bottle of wine and flute glasses for extra bling.
Fancy Food
Gourmet edibles add to the elegance of a New Year’s basket. Try including items such as, pesto cheese biscuits, biscotti, flavored pretzels, white chocolate macadamia nut cookies, and artisan cheese with crackers. Flavored coffees and fresh fruits add a chic touch to the holiday gift basket. Apart from this, for people with more robust tastes, fill the basket with a spicy-tasty combination. These food items include cheese spreads, salsa and dips, nuts, chips, pretzels, and mustards.
Spa basket
Spa-themed baskets are the best relaxation gifts. Fill them with bath oils, votive candles, colorful bathing sponges and lotions. Mango-scented candles and lemon potpourri complete the theme. The scents will help the recipient spend the first month of the New Year relaxing and pampering themselves. You can also snuggle in wine bottles and chocolates to make the basket more impressive.
Wine gift basket
There is no better way to wish “Happy New Year” than with a generous arrangement of elegantly placed wines. Include a Cabernet Sauvignon along with a crisp Chardonnay, surrounded by an array of classic treats. Snuggle in wine wafers, roasted peanuts, and other delights. This delicious arrangement can be a perfect gift for anyone.
Chocolate gift baskets
A stunning arrangement of chocolate gift baskets can make a lasting impression. Add in a tempting collection of delicious foods that include silky chocolates and sophisticated treats. Complete it with different varieties of decadent cookies, handcrafted chocolate popcorn, chocolate drenched peanuts, and the like. This attractive gift is extremely tempting.
Sweet and Savory gift towers
If you want to gift something that has a balance of taste then pair the sweetest treats with savory snacks. You can add truffles, honey mustard pretzels, trail mixes, roasted peanuts, and cheddar popcorn, artfully arranged in elegant boxes, creating a pleasing tower. 

You can also fill these beautiful baskets with trinkets, goodies, and all kinds of odds and ends that your recipient will love. There is no better way to be wished than to receive a beautiful basket full of your favorite goodies.

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