Wednesday, 25 February 2015

How to celebrate Seven days of Valentine week?

Whether you’ve only started dating or your relationship is getting stronger with every passing year of marriage, your love is worthy of a celebration this Valentine’s week. Find the perfect way to show your affection throughout the seven days of Valentine by using these unique gift ideas, all customized to fit the length of your relationship.

February 7th - Rose day
Classic Valentine’s Day gestures such as sending gorgeous blooms are a time-tested way to show you care. Whether you are a woman or a man, a dozen roses complete with a classic rom-com movie or a box of chocolate covered strawberries make for a perfect start to the week. Present the flowers with a hand-written card to leave a long lasting impression.
February 8th - Propose day
If you are looking for that perfect time to declare your love for someone, there is no day like February 8th. Buy some goodies that go well with your favorite wine and prepare for a romantic evening. It is best to order a professionally made wine gift basket from an online store.

For those already in a relationship, keep your flame burning by planning a special night for the two of you. Spend a few hours doing things that remind you why you are together.
February 9th - Chocolate day
Inside a gorgeous basket, artfully arrange an array of mouthwatering gourmet chocolates. Decadent selection of sensational chocolate treats such as, crisp chocolate popcorns, cookies, and delightfully smooth caramel-filled bars, is sure to make anyone’s chocolate day irresistible.
February 10th - Teddy day
Cute teddy bears and “I love you” balloons make a great combination for teddy day! This adorable arrangement is sure to add to the spirit of the occasion and thrill the recipient with your statement of affection.
February 11th - Promise day
Reinstate the vows you made during your wedding or declare the promises you intend to keep as your relationship progresses. February 11th is to reassure your partner that you will love them till death parts you. Add to the romance with indulgent gifts such as, lush flowers, personalized mugs, promise candles, and a box of scrumptious Belgian chocolates that both of you can enjoy together.
February 12th - Hug day
There is no better way to express your heartfelt feelings than by giving your partner a long, sincere embrace. In case you can’t be there with them on this day, shower your affections in the sweetest way possible with delightful cake pops. Balls of moist, rich cake dipped inside chocolate and decorated with letters X and O can act as great reminders of your love.
February 13th - Kiss day
Kiss day calls for a day full of pampering. Buy a spa gift basket complete with shower gels, aroma oils, candles, bath gels, face masks, loofa and delicious edibles. Indulge in the ingredients together. Once you are relaxed and refreshed, seal the day with a long passionate kiss.

February 13th can fondly be remembered as a day at the spa and can also prepare you for the final day!
Valentine’s Day
Whether it’s your first Valentine’s together or you have been treading the road since long, it’s only natural to raise glasses for the event. Buy a perfect Valentine’s Day gift basket stocked with wines from around the world. You can also snuggle in fine accompaniments such as, cheeses, gourmet crackers, and strawberries. Sit down for a romantic candle light dinner followed by dessert and some passionate moments together.

Valentine’s Day is really special. It is not only a celebration of sincere love, but of understanding, compromise, and dedication that a couple puts in every day. Growing with one another is hard work and should be celebrated with a gift that is nothing less than amazing. These beautiful ideas will help you show how special this relationship is to you.

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