Wednesday, 23 September 2015

5 Spirit and Liquor Gift Baskets for Party Lovers

Liquor gift baskets outdo all other gifts, irrespective of the occasion! Whether your recipient loves Scotch, Wine, Margarita or Beer, you will find a quintessential liquor gift basket idea here. Each of these gift baskets include a range of gourmet snacks that are sure to please any palate.

1. Margarita Madness Gift Basket:

A margarita gift basket is perfect for any party. It can include margarita mix and a variety of snacks such as, scrumptious organic multigrain chips, chipotle salsa, and more. Your recipient will thank you for the amazing gift each time they use it to sit back and relax. To add to the experience, you can also include a few margarita recipes that they can try to shake up the taste.

2. Brewed and crafted Gift Baskets:

If your recipient loves to try out different beers and has an obsession for unique tastes then a basket complete with crafted and brewed beers makes a great choice. Combine local brewed beer with a few from across the world and pair them with a variety of scrumptious snacks such as, cheddar crackers, pretzel nuggets, handcrafted popcorn, and more. There is nothing more delightful to a beer lover than a thoughtful gift basket like this.  

3. Classic Red Wine Gift Basket:

A gift basket of classic red wine to send to friends, family, and clients can include a stylish cheeseboard, a couple of fine Italian or French wines, cheese paired with water crackers and nuts. Apart from choosing classic red wines, you can also choose from a range of local wines from California if you want to add a patriotic touch to the basket. 

4. Chocolate and Champaign Gift Coupons:

You can send out a beautiful chocolate and Champaign gift basket for a variety of celebratory occasions such as weddings, engagements, congratulatory and much more. Snuggle in chocolate truffles, chocolate bars, chocolate pastry cookies, chocolate chip cookies, and chocolate covered nuts within a basket containing a bottle of one of the finest champagnes. You can even add a pair of wine glasses to add to the goodness. 

5. Vodka Gift Basket:

A bottle of fine vodka makes a great present in itself. But you can always take it to another level by brimming it with a fantastic range of delicious snacks, such as crisp crackers, gourmet cheese, flavorful popcorn, crunchy pretzels, cookies, and chocolate truffles. Irrespective of the occasion, a vodka gift basket is sure to be appreciated.

For a connoisseur or casual liquor lover, these gift baskets are the quintessence of elegance. Whether you decide to go for a velvety red, lively champagne, or brewed beer, your knowledgeable recipients will definitely be impressed. When paired expertly with the best gourmet cheeses, chocolates, nuts, snacks, and more, this gift basket will definitely be a big hit.

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