Wednesday, 28 October 2015

5 Corporate Gift Ideas for Special Occasions

Choosing gifts for friends and family is an uphill task because you have to consider a lot of factors – from the recipient’s favorites to his/her tastes and preferences. It becomes tougher when you are choosing corporate gifts. Be it for a business partner, your boss or a colleague, selecting a gift that would be loved and cherished by your recipient could be a difficult task. This is because you often don’t know your recipient and his/her preferences. You will have to play it safe with time tested gift baskets while introducing some unique elements to make them stand apart from the rest.
If you are in a dilemma about what would be an ideal corporate gift, here are five ideas to make things easier:
1. Send Flower Bouquets: Whether it’s your boss’s farewell party, an event to celebrate your colleague’s promotion, a meeting with business partners, or a day when you want to say “Thank You” to a superior at work, you just can’t go wrong with flowers. After all, flowers have the ability to touch hearts and they are your best bet to send heartfelt messages to your boss, business associates or co-workers. You may either choose a unicolor bouquet or bring some variety and color with multicolor bouquets comprising of various species of flowers.
2. Yummy Treats: Getting delicious treats is something that almost everyone loves. You can get inspiration from this love for delicious fares and choose freshly made cookies, cakes and treats packed in unique gift baskets for corporate gifting. You may even add a customized note to these unique gift baskets to give them a personal touch.
3. Wine and Beer: A party can’t come to a full circle unless there’s wine and beer. So, whatever be the occasion, you can select some classy wine and beer gift baskets in unique packaging to make your corporate gift beat the competition. If you want to make an impressive impression on your recipient and the price tag isn’t a problem, you can pick some gourmet wine collection to ensure that your gift is noticed and talked about.
4. Thank You Gifts: If your boss, a superior at work, or your colleague sitting in the next cubicle deserves a BIG thank you, nothing works better than “Thank You” gift baskets. You may send bouquets that include flowers in different colors and hues, pick organic fruits with a beautiful thank you card, or opt for some delicious chocolates and munchies to show your gratitude. After all, there’s no better way to convey your gratitude than these little acts of kindness to show that you remember and appreciate how those people have helped you or inspired you to do better.
5. Customized Gifts: Customizing your gifts by adding a personal touch would reveal your warm hearted gesture behind the gift. Whether you pick an assorted pack of cheese, cookies and crackers, or choose a flower bouquet, make sure to get them packed in a customized gift basket with a special note attached to it. This will show that you have taken the time and invested the effort to make your gift really special for your recipient.

Put your thinking caps on and use these ideas to create your own corporate gifts that fit the bill perfectly.

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