Thursday, 23 June 2016

How to Put Together the Perfect Gift Basket for Your Loved Ones

When buying gift baskets for your loved ones, you want to find something that appeals to your recipients and make them feel happy. At the same time, you also want your gifts to be different from other run-of-the-mill varieties that your recipients often receive. All these make gift giving no easy task. Still, you don’t have to fret and fume as there are a few simple ways to make your gift work. Here’s how to go about it:

  • Create variety: Packing a bunch of similar flowers or chocolates or fruits may be the simplest way to give gifts but they show a lackluster attitude and often appear boring to your recipients. To steer clear of such boredom and predictability, break the monotony and bring some variety in your gifts’ content. You can mix and match a variety of colorful flowers in your bouquet or pack a little bit of various food items (chocolates, cookies and other munchies) to create an interesting gift for your loved ones.
  • Choose quality over quantity: The primary reason why you give gifts is to show you love and care for the recipients. Quite naturally, cutting corners shouldn’t feature on your gift giving itinerary. Though you should have a budget for gifts, opting for something inferior in quality just because it would help you save a few dollars won’t be a prudent thing. Compromising with quality won’tgo well with your recipients and may hurt your image and credibility too. Thus, it becomes important to emphasize on quality when choosing gifts for those who matter to you.
  • Picking a theme: This is a good way to pack things in your gift baskets if you are at a loss about what to pick. For instance, you can choose “spa” as your theme and pack things such as scented candles, bath soap, loofah and exfoliating massager that let your recipients enjoy a relaxing spa session right at home. For sports enthusiasts, you can pickgears to play a sport. Thus, a golf enthusiast’s gift basket can have tees, divot tools, golf balls,ball markersand golf towels. The trick is to pick a theme and select things that go with the chosen theme to create unique gift baskets.
  • Customize your gift: Anyone can buy a gift and send it to his/her recipients. What sets a gift apart from the rest is thethought and effort that goes into it.When you invest time and effort into a gift toensure its content would be cherished by your recipient, it goes on to show your love and care for that person. A little handwritten note or packing something that has an emotional connect are ways you can personalize your gift baskets. A handful of online gift stores allow you to customize your gifts where you simply have to tell what specific items you want to be packed and it’ll be done promptly.

The next time you pick gifts for your loved ones, use these ideas to make your recipients love them and perhaps even smile from ear to ear.

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