Thursday, 21 July 2016

Gift Ideas for Your Teacher

If you thought that the job of a teacher finishes once the school hours are over, think again. Teachers are often considered second parents to students who teach them the difference between right and wrong, help them tide through difficulties with their love and advice, and mould them to grow into responsible citizens of the country. In today’s fast paced world where the job of a teacher has become almost a thankless routine, it would be nice to appreciate the work they are doing for your children and the society. Since choosing gifts for a teacher is a tough proposition, we bring a few gift ideas from which you can take your pick:
  1. Wellness gifts: In between correcting students’ work, taking recess duty, buying teacher supplies and organizing book clubs, teachers often don’t get time to have proper meals. Thus, they end up neglecting their own health. You can gift them a wellness bouquet packed with fresh, seasonal fruits and veggies that would help them eat healthy and stay fit.
  2. Gourmet gifts: Most people love gourmet chocolates and crispy cookies and teachers are no different. Be it delicious, freshly baked cookies, chocolate mint bars, pretzels, peanuts, chocolate drizzled caramel popcorn,or the classic Godiva chocolates, you can send some mouthwatering gourmet treats for your child’s teacher to show appreciation for their hard work.
  3. Books and pens: These are the most common gifts for teachers. You can either select a pack of the teacher’s favorite books and pens as gift, or look for things that will be helpful in the classroom. Gifting fun and useful learning materials for both children and teacher, or buying a bunch of colorful pens that can be used in the art and craft class are good gift ideas worth exploring.
  4. Thank You gifts: Most teachers take up this profession because they care about the students and love watching them learn, grow and accomplish great things. They don’t have expectations of getting gifts around the holidays or other occasions and are simply grateful for the opportunity to teach your child. Still, thanking them for making the world a better place would be a good gesture. From “Thank You” themed gift boxes packed with delicious munchies to organic gifts, handcrafted gift cards, colorful flower bouquets and gifts monogrammed with the teacher’s name, you will get many choices to select from.
Spa gifts, hobby/sports gifts, or home d├ęcor gifts too can be given to the teachers but unless you know the teacher well and are aware of his/her preferences, it’s better to give these a miss for the safe gift options like the ones mentioned above.  You may even consider gifting games and other activities for indoor recess to help teachers. Another interesting gift idea would be to volunteer to help your child’s teacher in any way you can (helping during art class or a field trip, making copies of a document, organizing book orders etc). At the end, it’s all about the feeling of appreciation, which would make the teacher love your gift.

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