Friday, 23 September 2016

Five Unique Gift Basket Ideas You Should Try

Expensive gift wrapped in an attractive box has a charm of its own. It is always exciting to receive such a basket as you keep anticipating what will tumble out of the box! On the other hand if you want to present such wonderful moments to your loved ones then it is important that you know how to plan the perfect gift basket. The one thing to keep in mind in this regard is that planning a gift is not always about including costly items but it’s more about conveying your love and care thoughtfully.

The gift basket concept has become quite popular these days as it fits every budget and appeals to all. Discussed below are five unique gift basket ideas which are not just affordable but quite attractive too!

Organic Gluten Free Gift Basket

If you are planning the gift for someone who has dietary restrictions then try out gluten-free gift basket. The idea also suits those who prefer food items that come with the organic tag only. Such a basket can include fresh seasonal fruits, organic cheese, crackers, organic pistachios, green tea and other such items. It always helps if you have some prior idea about the recipient’s preferences in this regard.

Wine and Snacks Basket

The combination itself sounds enticing. Bring such a basket for a week-end party and your friends will thank you for that! The celebration can start with some refreshing wine, dried apricot, roasted sea salt almonds followed by some creamy mild flavored cheese. You can try out other combinations as well to make the basket even more appealing.

Assorted Cookies Bouquet

Gift her beautifully arranged bouquet with freshly baked chocolate cookies inside and make the day memorable for her. With cookies you can find out umpteen ways to surprise your loved ones. For instance you can fill up a beautiful vase, treasure chest or any other eye-catching gift container with fresh cookies of different flavors. If you know his/her choice of cookies, even better!

Spa Products Basket

If you are planning a gift for your girlfriend or a special friend then a soothing spa gift can never go wrong. You can pick up a theme basket containing specific flower products like rose, jasmine, lavender, melon, Hydrangea, citrus and so on. Generally the Spa gift basket contains shower gel, bath soap, moisturizing cream, body butter, body lotion and similar items. You can always incorporate new items which you are sure will be loved by her.

Theme Based Basket

A theme based gift basket is suggested if you know the particular occasion or is very confident of own innovativeness. Typically theme baskets encompass occasions and events like birthday, baby shower, marriage anniversary, Halloween, Christmas, Fall, Holiday gift, Get-well-soon, Thank you and many more. The best part about theme based basket is that you can include different combinations of items and personalize it the way you want.

Now that you have some interesting gift ideas, make sure you pick up the best items for the basket, package it attractively and send it to your dear one in time. If you are not sure of handling so many tasks on your own then hire a gifting expert to arrange the perfect gift basket for you!

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