Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Halloween Party Favors

Trick or treat? It can be tricky to pick the perfect Halloween favor, but with just a little creativity you can come up with something that’s deliciously spooky. Bewitching cookies and ghoulishly good candies are some unique trinkets. Make sure you read through our ideas for hauntingly memorable favors! 

Halloween pumpkin party delights

With this gift basket, there will only be treats – no tricks- Snuggle in a perfect blend of Choco chip cookies, a personalized plush bear in a pumpkin costume, ideal for any spooky holiday celebration. Choose from pumpkin pie taffy, sour patch candies, Halloween candies, Wonka candies and an assortment of Jack-o-Lantern sugar cookies. Hand these scrumptious favors to trick-or-treaters or place the baskets on table tops for everyone to enjoy!

Sweet towers

Display your joy at the Halloween party by giving away baskets full of treats that will leave everyone craving for more! In fact make your recipients jump with joy when they open your personalized sweet towers!

There is so much that can be put into these containers, including, creamy milk chocolates, orange and black pumpkin candies, yogurt dipped pretzels, gourmet caramel popcorn, chocolate truffles, black and orange jelly beans and several other spooky Halloween delights.

Halloween gift basket Cauldron

A Halloween gift basket Cauldron is a wonderful way to say thank you to the guests for coming over. Display these tasty baskets on the dessert table, or give them away as a parting favor. These delightful nibbles are the best way to win everyone over! You can snuggle in mini Halloween candy bars and orange and raspberry hard candies, classic candies, and delicious chocolate truffles. You can even personalize the basket with messages and other treats.

Personalized cookies

Who doesn't love the melting goodness when biting into gourmet cookies? Share the joy this season with perfectly bite-sized portion of cookie treats. The gift basket can also be personalized with labels. Snuggle in pumpkin pie dessert cookies, Ghirardelli Cinnamon crunch squares, cookie bites, pecan shortbread cookies, and much more. These treats also make great party snacks!

For a special Halloween party, these gift baskets make the perfect favors. The containers allow you to showcase delicious sweet treats that are packed inside. Customize the package with Halloween themed colors, and a special message that you know your guests will appreciate. The sophisticated but fun look of these favors will only add to decoration to your already bedazzled event, and their simple and easy-to-grab handles make them the perfect package for guests to take home and relish!

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