Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Mend a Broken Heart with a Gift Basket

Is a dear one going through the misery of trying to forget about someone they once loved? One of the best ways to help them through this tough time is to find a gift that will make them smile. Here are a few gift basket ideas for a broken hearted friend.

A Wine Gift Basket:

Your breakup wine basket can come filled with red or white wine, dark chocolates, truffles, pretzels, cheese, and much more. This generous gift will surely put a smile on your loved one’s face as they devour each and every content. Snuggle in a couple of break up mix cd’s you feel they will love and you are good to go!

Spa Gift Basket:

Your friend refuses to go on a vacation or spa? No problem. Bring the spa to them! Help them heal their upset heart quickly with a basket full of spa essentials.  There is so much that you can include in your package such as, bathroom slippers, amazing assortment of essential oils, shower products, bath products, moisturizers, loofa, and the like. In addition, you can also sneak in few of their favorite snacks such as, cookies and wine bottles that they can relish while taking a long, wonderful bubble bath.

Gourmet Delights:

Chocolates for breakfast? Why not? Your friend deserves these sweet treats while in grief. Gift them a care package full of the most delicious gourmet delights from around the world. Snuggle in different varieties such as, chocolate dipped peanuts, chocolate cookies, caramel filled chocolate bars, chocolate wafers, dark chocolate, and much more! Apart from their delicious flavor, chocolates also help in releasing happy hormones inside a person, helping them relax.

Don’t hold back! Put in anything that is chocolate! Hot chocolate, chocolate blocks, truffles, chocolate biscuits, cupcakes, brownies, chocolate spreads, and anything that you feel your loved one will love!

Coffee Gift Baskets:

There is nothing like a hot cup of coffee to comfort you after an unhappy event. A selection of gourmet coffees, coffee beans coated with chocolate, coffee candies, cakes, and dark chocolate can all add to the experience. You can also snuggle in a cute coffee mug. Your friend will be overwhelmed by your creativity and thoughtfulness.

The Beer Lover:

It is easy to please a beer lover. He or she will be more than grateful with a range of beer, a beer holder, and some edibles that can be pared with the drinks. Also, if your budget allows, add in a couple of movies that they can watch while drinking their way to glory.

These break-up gifts will show your broken hearted friend that they are not alone. You can also personalize these baskets further if you know your dear one’s habits, personality, and hobbies.

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